Transport of Medicines

Antibacterial transport bags for the transport of samples, drugs and vaccines.

Blood Bags

The transport of blood bags must be carried out in absolute safety.

Portable refrigerators

Dometic and IndelB Portable refrigerators Portable refrigerators for clinical, laboratory and food professionals. is the largest cold lung in Central Europe

We will always offer you only high quality products and answers that others will not give you. From portable refrigerators to industrial and laboratory refrigerators or freezers, medicine refrigerators, special solutions for individuals, ice machines, eutectic plates - everything below zero.

Frigolab's BLOG

Liebherr wine cellars

Liebherr wine cellars

Buyer's guide to Liebherr wine cellars. Why keep your bottles in a Liebherr wine cellar, the available series and the models that Frigolab offers you. read more
The best portable refrigerators of the year

The best portable refrigerators of the year

Everything you need to know about choosing the cooler for your needs. Types, sizes, technologies and accessories. After that, you will know how to choose with confidence! read more
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