CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic
CRE 80 Dometic

CRE 80 Coolmatic Dometic

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TOP QUALITY CHOICE! Compressor refrigerator with a 78l inner space and 7.5l freezer. 12 and 24 V, DC. Suitable for motorhomes, caravan or boats


CRE 80 Dometic

Very high quality at the best price. Smart electronics control compressor speed; as a result, energy consumption can be reduced by 25%.
The refrigerator has 4 temperature settings which can be adjusted via a user panel from 0° to 12°C. The temperature range of the freezer is between -12 and -6°C.
Thanks to a bright LED light with infrared sensor, the user panel is extremely easy to use. To ensure quiet operation, the fan speed automatically adjusts itself.
A robust door construction with a reversible hinge completes the efficiency of the CRE series; also equipped with hole for fixing installation.
When used on boats, the refrigerator may be subject to a short-term tilt of 30°.

Valuable features:

  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Beveled edge on the back for optimal use of space
  • Dual function locks can also act as vents for the refrigerator
  • Minimal noise as the fan speed automatically adjusts itself for better condition
  • Elegant, flush mounted inside wall soft-touch control panel with an integrated LED light
  • 4 different temperature settings
  • ◀ Predisposition hole for internal fixing
  • Internal light with infrared sensor activation


Q: How long will this refrigerator run on my leisure battery?
A: There are a lot of variables at play. It will obviously depend on the ambient temperature, the state of charge and the age of the battery, the initial temperature of what you put in the refrigerator, the set temperature etc. But essentially a compressor refrigerator will happily run for 2-3 days on a 110 Amp leisure battery.

Q: How can I make the refrigerator run longer?
A: To maximize time, always place cold or frozen food in the refrigerator. When installing the refrigerator, make sure there is sufficient ventilation around the compressor to dissipate the heat generated. In addition, it is possible to buy one of our high quality cold storage accumulators which, previously frozen in the home freezer, will help your refrigerator to maintain the temperature while traveling and consume less.

Inner Gross/Net Capacity Liters
Freezer Storage Gross/Net Volume
Exterior Dimensions mm WxDxH
Shelves / Baskets
Inner Fan
Inner Light
Refrigeration technology
CO2 Equivalent t
Climate Class
ST: subtropical; operation at ambient temperatures from +16°C to +38°C
Max Power Input (W)
Connection rating (A)
1.14Ah/h at 25°C (12V)
Supply Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz)
12/24 DC
Weight kg
Drain plug; predefined mounting holes for best fixing to furniture
24 Months International Dometic Warranty
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