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Jointlab was founded in 2003 by partners that already worked for years in the technical  - medical - scientific fields, with several commercial organizations.
In recent years we also started a production of laboratory equipment to expanding the range of our proposals.

Frigolab.it is a specialized website in refrigeration. In the laboratories, pharmacies, industry. Almost 2000 refrigerators sold in 2018 testify our passion and our commitment.

Portable refrigerators, laboratory refrigerators and for medicines and drugs, ice makers, data-loggers; you'll find all the cold of the world in frigolab.eu!

Sede di Jointlab - Frigolab frigoriferi e strumentazione scientifica

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www.frigolab.eu, a web of Jointlab S.r.l., via Claudio Treves, 57 - 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio

Phone numbers: +39.02.39310823

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