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Professional freezers

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Professional freezers

A choice of freezers covering more than 100 models:
from the laboratory to scientific research, from industrial tests,
test of resilience to Atex freezers.
From vertical models to convenient horizontal models, all with excursions up to -90 ° C.
Especially for freezers the choice of quality is essential, and here only quality is present

Professional freezers There are 75 products.


  • Vertical freezers

    Frigolab vertical freezers are usually chosen for laboratory applications,
    they are available in dozens of capacities,
    for any eventuality and use both industrial and laboratory.
    From the simplest tools to the temperature test freezers.

  • Freezers for general use

    Freezers for the most disparate uses: in the laboratory, in the industry, for personal use.
    Freezers without frills, robust, tireless.

  • Freezers for labs

    Laboratory freezers they have more refined controls
    and various options to better configure the instrument.
    Often also used in industry for cold resistance testing.

  • Chest Freezers

    Chest freezers are usually chosen for industrial applications,
    for example, a resilience test;
    or for restaurant applications, for example the freezing of fish or sushi at low temperatures.
    They are available in a wide range of choices: from the cheapest to the most performing, with the ability to perform temperature tests in industry as well

  • Atex Freezers

    Explosion-proof freezers compliant with Atex standards:
    spark-proof interior complying with standards EN 60079-15 category 3, Zone 2, CE EX 11- / 3 G.
    Cheap and simple or sophisticated and managed by microprocessor, they solve a vital problem in industry and in the laboratory: the conservation of chemical products.

  • Glass doors freezers

    It is not very common to find glass door freezers.
    But sometimes it is essential to "see" what is frozen, for example in retail sale.
    The HHQ freezers are all equipped with Schott crystal of very high quality and thermal insulation

  • Industrial freezers

    Industrial freezers that care more about robustness than the finishes.
    This is why we offer a selection of stainless steel freezers.
    Our HHQ series is beautiful to look at and robust to work with.

  • Freezer for Restaurant / Bar

    Frigolab knows what your restaurant or bar needs when you need to freeze: reliability, low consumption, easy cleaning and why not, design. We have chosen the best to reconcile these needs for your restaurant, spend something more, you will be rewarded over time.

  • Plasma Freezers

    Plasma Storage Freezers are devices intended for the safe storage of your frozen blood plasma or blood components at temperatures below -27°C.
    Specifically designed for blood banks, hospitals, clinical laboratories, and processing centers, the 5 upright freezers offer a wide variety in terms of volume storage and temperature requirements.
    On top of being compliant with the DIN 58375 and AABB standards, they are also classified as medical devices Class II(a) and are AABB standards compliant.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 75 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 75 items