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Lifeina Pack with extra battery and...
Transport Medications Box Lifeina
Transport Medications Box Lifeina
Transport Medications Box Lifeina
Transport Medications Box Lifeina

Lifeina Pack with extra battery and carrying bag

JL lifeina Pack
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Pack with Lifeina fridge box for medicines or vaccines with additional battery and transport bag. Operates on 12V (in the car), 220V (at home, in a hotel), or on battery (to be used only in emergencies). The internal measurement of 180 x 65 x 40mm allows the transport of 8 pens between 2 and 8°C.

This pack contains


Millions of people around the world are trapped by their drugs. With Lifeina, the smallest smart refrigerator in the world, you travel anytime, anywhere with your medications at the right temperature. You have a cable to connect to the power supply in your home, a cable for your 12V car, an integrated battery that lasts up to 6 hours depending on the outside temperature (optional second backup battery).

LifeinaBox is the smallest refrigerator in the world for storing fragile medicines such as insulin or growth hormones. There are millions of people who are 'prisoners' of their medicines, because their medicines have to stay fresh. LifeinaBox offers these people the ability to travel anywhere and anytime, knowing that their medication is kept at the optimum temperature between 2 and 8°C.

Connected to an application available on iOS and Android, LifeinaBox is an essential tool for better drug management, as well as for the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. The app tracks medication temperatures and battery life in real time.

Designed for the safe storage of fragile medicines at an optimal temperature (2-8°C). Keeps your medications cool and at a constant temperature at work, at home or in the car.

Refrigerate up to 8 standard injectable medication pens or vials*. Includes both a 110-240V universal power cable and a 12V DC power adapter for your car.
Below a generic test at approx. 30°C. The temperature can easily stay between 2 and 8°C, duration of the test approx. 20 hours.

Grafico temperature Lifeina

Lifeina app will monitor drug temperature and battery life in real time.

An 'emergency' battery lasting up to 6 hours is included in the LifeinaBox. An alarm is included in LifeinaBox to warn you that the battery has only 20% remaining charge and it is time to recharge it. This battery will allow you, for example, to stop the car for lunch.

Insulin, IVF, growth hormones, adrenaline, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, interferons*, etc.

Medicines in Lifeina

The environment in which Lifeina is used has a certain influence on cooling. Just like your home refrigerator, it will be less efficient when exposed to extreme conditions. However, it will always ensure that medicines are stored at a temperature between 2 and 8°C.

LifeinaBox is equipped with a battery lasting up to 6 hours.
We have also added an optional battery of the same duration and can be recharged with the phone cable.
In general, it has been found that it is easier on a plane to use a cooler bag such as the Weekender or the Prestige and that LifeinaBox is particularly useful in the hotel, in the car, at home. On the other hand, it is perfectly possible to use LifeinaBox in an airplane.

- Do not leave the box switched on in a suitcase
- Do not use at temperatures below 2°C
- The maximum permissible ambient temperature is 30°C, however at high temperatures the battery will last less and there may also be considerable fluctuations.
- Condensation may form inside the compartment, this is normal. When there is open/close, hot air enters which forms condensation in contact with the inner cold. Occasionally dry with an absorbent cloth.

You must always keep your life with you, whatever the means of transport; NEVER STORE DRUGS IN LUGGAGE THAT WILL BE PUT IN THE HOLD OF THE AIRCRAFT! If your luggage is lost or your flight is delayed, it could ruin your vacation.

Although it is possible to use LifeinaBox on an airplane, we think it is easier to use one of our Medicube or Prestige isothermal bags, which will keep your medications between 2 and 8°C. Bags are simply easier to carry in the bag than a Lifeina. We tend to use LifeinaBox more in the car, hotel and home rather than on the plane.

But if you really want to take your LifeinaBox on the plane with you, there's really no problem. In this case, perhaps, it is better to also buy a spare battery that is always charged.

Connect to the web with your Lifeina to know your temperature (please use a browser that can handle bluetooth eg Chrome). Lifeina must be within close range of the phone.

- Your portable fridge
- An extra battery in case the first one in Lifeina is down
- One 110 / 220V ACDC adapter with four different sockets (for USA, Asia, Europe, Switzerland and UK
- A cable to use with your 12V car cigarette lighter
- A carrying bag

Exterior Dimensions mm WxDxH
Inner Dimensions mm WxDxH
Max Ambient Temp. to reach the Min. Temperature
Refrigeration technology
Connection rating (A)
Weight kg
Audible alarm when battery is at 20% and 10%
24 months ex-works Milano
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