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SLIM 90 Indelb
SLIM 90 Indelb
SLIM 90 Indelb
SLIM 90 Indelb

SLIM 90 Indelb

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IndelB SLIM 90 with compressor. Refrigerator for campers, boats, vans. Slim 90 has 90-litre capacity and is fitted with a LED display with Power Saving and Silent Night modes, customised door panel with reversible opening, and a handle with a lock for ensuring ventilation when the fridge is off.

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Small refrigerator for campers, boats, vans with IndelB SLIM 90 compressor.
The new Slim line has been designed for small spaces, developing its capacity vertically. Thanks to this you will have a generous internal capacity, comparable to a domestic refrigerator.

Other important new features are the LED display with Power Saving and Silent Night modes. Thanks to the Power Saving mode, it will be possible to optimize consumption during plein-air use with significant energy savings, preserving battery life. Silent Night is a convenient function for your comfort at night, which keeps the noise level of the compressor to a minimum, without giving up high refrigeration performance.

In addition, for the SLIM series, a customizable door panel with reversible opening and a handle equipped with a ventilation lock when the fridge is off.

Years of experience in the automotive sector have made it possible to refine the compressor technology, increasingly reducing consumption and noise disturbances. These compressors are unparalleled on the market, specially designed to adapt to even the most intense use on the road.
The power of these compressors allows the refrigerator temperature to be lowered by -20°C in just 30 minutes and to reach -20°C even with external temperatures of +25°C; consuming much much less than a trivalent or thermoelectric refrigerator

Specifically, the SLIM 90 model is equipped with a SECOP BDN50K compressor with a consumption of 0.340 kWh/24h and an absorbed power of 38W.

Control panel for IndelB SLIM refrigerators for campers and vans.


Forget old installation systems. Now, thanks to the new easy-fix system, installing your refrigerator is a snap.
Through the guide holes it will be possible to insert the fixing screws directly from inside the refrigerator to the walls of the cabinet, without interfering with the effectiveness of the lateral insulation of the product.
The easy-fix system also eliminates the need to apply cover flanges.


Ideal for campers, caravans, boats, vans and on any vehicle you will use for your long off-grid trips. DC 12/24V power supply and low consumption, to better adapt to the capabilities of your vehicle.

Attractive LED display with cooling power indicator and symbols for 'Power Savings' and 'Silent Night' modes.

Well-designed internal space, thanks to decades of experience in the sector: large and easy-to-open freezer space and partially openable grate shelves for ideal refrigeration circulation and vertical insertion of bottles. The internal detail you didn't know you wanted? The internal light, to illuminate the refrigerated products and immediately find what you need even in the evening.


Grids, shelves, freezers and bottom drawers: all the spaces of IndelB's SLIM models are designed to let you save precious space inside your camper or van.
By inserting a latest generation compressor refrigerator like SLIM, you will not uselessly occupy the available space, but you will re-evaluate it: having food and drinks always organized and easily accessible, to enjoy the landscapes and evenings with friends, is invaluable, especially in off grid travel. IndelB knows this well and for this reason, thinking about your travels and adventures, it has designed its refrigerators with intelligent and comfortable standard accessories.
You too will be amazed by the numerous internal details that make the SLIMs versatile and much more spacious than you thought. Take your camper, or your beloved van, to the next level; you will travel carefree and increase the value of your home on wheels.


The SLIM models are complete refrigerators for vans and campers which lack nothing to adapt to your travels and give you comfort and serenity.


  • The front panel of the refrigerator door can be easily customized by replacing it with a panel that matches the interior of the vehicle.
  • The door hinge can be easily changed from right to left with standard tools.


  • The modern control panel with LED backlighting is simple, equipped with intuitive touch buttons and status LEDs. The electronic thermostat ensures stable and precise control.
  • The 'SILENT NIGHT' mode minimizes the start-stop of the compressor, makes the compressor run at minimum and therefore at the lowest possible decibels. Also useful for saving energy.
  • The 'SMART FUNCTION' mode makes the refrigerator operate at maximum power when connected to the electricity grid, accumulating cold in food and drinks, while optimizing consumption in the case of an off-grid refrigerator.
  • The battery protection system defines the minimum voltage below which the refrigerator is switched off. This feature helps maximize the use of the refrigerator depending on the condition of the vehicle's battery.


  • A special shelf between the freezer and the refrigerator allows you, thanks to two openings, to regulate the amount of cold coming from the freezer into the refrigerator compartment. This solution makes the performance of the refrigerator even more customizable
  • The special locking handle has a new system that allows you to keep the door completely closed when the refrigerator is in use, or partially open, avoiding mold and bad smells when the refrigerator is not used for a long time.

Download HERE the brochure with all the advantages of the SLIM models explained point by point (in English).

Special handle of SLIM IndelB refrigerators.

Interior of SLIM IndelB models.

Product Details

Inner Gross/Net Capacity Liters
Exterior Dimensions mm WxDxH
420 x 504 x 976
Control Panel
scale led light
Inner Light
Refrigeration technology
Max Power Input (W)
Energy consumption [kWh/24h]
Weight kg
Certifications: CE, EMC, E-Mark
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