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Combined Refrigerator and Freezer...
Combined Refrigerator and Freezer...
Combined Refrigerator and Freezer...
Combined Refrigerator and Freezer...

Combined Refrigerator and Freezer SZ350 Frigolab

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Fridge-freezer combined with 206 l + 144 l for the freezer; temp. adjustable 2°C... 8°C and -10°C...-25°C; 3+3 shelves; dual display; alarms for: low and high temperature, open door and numerous others; hole for sensor; door lock; movement wheels. Temperature recorder with USB output.




The new SZ fridge-freezers combine a refrigerator and a freezer, giving you the convenience of being able to store products at different temperatures in a single instrument.

They are suitable for hospitals, university laboratories, scientific research institutes, electronics industry, chemical industry, military industry and many other sectors.

The double LED display will allow you to control and set the temperature for the two separate compartments with extreme simplicity.

Rest assured with the SZ series: up to 9 types of alarms will warn you in the event of sudden anomalies.

Top insulation: fourth generation insulation foaming agent with more uniform density and greater energy saving. Up to 45mm thick for the fridge and 90mm for the freezer.

And then lock, movement wheels, backup battery, USB and a range of accessories that make these models unique for their quality/price ratio.


New technologies and innovative designs in the medical field allow you to equip yourself with more efficient, safe and simple to use refrigerators and freezers, without having to strain your budget.
The SZ series allows you to have a complete and reliable fridge-freezer without sophisticated and problematic systems.
As you can see from the photo, the control panel is equipped with very simple buttons and a double display: exactly what you need to set the temperature easily and forget about the instrument, dedicating yourself to your work.

Built by Midea, one of the world's largest refrigerator manufacturers for the healthcare, laboratory and research sectors, the SZ model will be an efficient work companion:

  • Internal and external structure in high quality coated steel
  • High quality polyurethane insulation

Double temperature control system

  • Individually controllable fridge and freezer with dedicated compressor
  • The refrigerator temperature is adjustable from 2℃ to 8℃, while the freezer can be adjusted from -10℃ to -25℃.
  • Microprocessor control with LED display, temperature accuracy 0.1℃
  • World famous brand compressors: energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and low noise

Thanks to the SZ series you will be able to have a free mind for your most important operations. The numerous alarms available will monitor your precious products for you.

  • Audible and visual temperature alarms
  • Open door alarm
  • Low and high temperature alarm
  • Faulty probe alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • High ambient temperature alarm
  • Remote alarm


  • Temperature recorder with USB for data download
  • LED lighting in the refrigerator compartment
  • 4 movement wheels
  • Door lock
  • Hole for inserting external probe
  • Automatic defrost for the refrigerator and manual defrost for the freezer
  • 3 shelves for the refrigerator compartment and 3 drawers for the freezer compartment
Adjustable temperatures (°C)
Inner Gross/Net Capacity Liters
206 fridge - 144 freezer
Exterior Dimensions mm WxDxH
Inner Dimensions mm WxDxH
fridge: 600x505x690; freezer: 540x480x560
Shelves / Baskets
Inner Fan
Control Panel
Digital Display
Open door alarm
Visual and acoustic temperature alarm
Yes - Min. & Max temperature
Probe failure alarm
Data logger
Yes, integrated in the processor with USB data download
Inner Light
Automatic and manual
Porthole for PT 100
Refrigeration technology
Climate Class
N +16°C a +32°C
Max Power Input (W)
Connection rating (A)
Supply Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz)
220-240V / 50-60 Hz
Weight kg
Comply with Italian Republic Farmacopea Ufficiale XII edizione Tabella VI
SE430 Frigolab built by MIDEA MCD-25L350
Warranty 12 months without any cost of repair and/or replacement
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