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Lab freezer ZLN 85C Smart Pol-Eko...
Lab freezer ZLN 85C Smart Pol-Eko...
Lab freezer ZLN 85C Smart Pol-Eko...

Lab freezer ZLN 85C Smart Pol-Eko 0º…-25°

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High quality 85 liter laboratory freezer, adjustable temperature range from 0°C to -25°C, temperature recorder, open door alarm, lock, USB output for data download, 2 shelves, stainless steel interior, programmer + various timers.


Lab freezer ZLN 85C Smart Pol-Eko 0º…-25°

ZLN freezers with a wide temperature range.

ZLN series laboratory freezers maintain a constant temperature ranging from 0°C to a maximum of -25°C. This wide range is greatly appreciated by those who need to conduct tests spanning from nearly positive temperatures to freezing at -25°C. Performance nearly akin to a sophisticated incubator.
Large touch display, programming, alarms, lock, stainless steel interior are just a small part of what you'll find below!

Keep reading, you will be surprised!

two zln pol-eko freezers with open door


The SMART control panel is among the most complete you can find on the market. Great symbols and temperature values guarantee you a comfortable and clear reading, combined with a disarming simplicity of use.
The latest generation touch screen responds to commands even when touched with latex gloves and is equipped with a large display: all values are perfectly readable from any angle, regardless of the intensity of the light.


  • Color 4.3" Touch Screen, Sharp
  • Simple and fast data transfer: via LAN or USB
  • Quick, multi-segment programming of time and temperature
  • Visual and audible alarms with colored display bar
  • Internal memory for programs and data storage
  • User manual downloadable directly from the controller
  • Loop function up to 255 times or infinite
  • Commands can be managed even while wearing latex gloves
  • Recording of minimum, average, and maximum temperature values for each segment
  • Overview of set and current parameters during operation
  • Operation in temperature or time priority mode
  • ... and much more

*Please note that functions may vary depending on the model.


Resistant. Durable.

POL-EKO freezers are designed and built to guarantee the best performance. They are a smart purchase for customers who want to invest in the future of their laboratory. By choosing these products, you will have precise results for years and years, repeatable and in complete comfort.

ZLN 85C Smart Pol-Eko freezer with open door

The ZLN SMART series freezers are built with the best materials and equipped with the most important accessories to provide you with a complete and ready-to-use product.

  • Powder-coated sheet metal construction (front panel in graphite)
  • Acid-resistant stainless steel interior according to DIN 1.4016
  • Insulated door with lock
  • Safety class 3.2 (optional DIN 12880)
  • Stainless steel shelves
  • USB port for data download, events, manuals, and service logs
  • LAN port
  • Open door alarm
  • External sensor access door on the side
  • Quality control protocol (at -20°C)


Every detail of your POL-EKO models is designed to make routine work as simple and comfortable as possible.
Below, the front and rear view.

freezer with numbers highlighting some front accessories

1) nameplate
2) ø20mm access port for external sensor
3) full external door
4) key lock
5) touch control panel
6) USB port
7) adjustable feets

freezer with numbers highlighting some rear accessories

1) fuse
2) C14 main power socket
3) main switch
4) condenser
5) cooling system


POL-EKO allows you to increase your possibilities with quality accessories; to better adapt to particular applications or to equip the instrument with security systems and advanced connections.

  • Stainless steel shelf
  • Perforated shelf
  • Door with panoramic window
  • Stainless steel trays
  • LabDesk software
  • Calibration and IQ OQ PQ qualification
  • Overtemperature protection, safety class 3.2 according to DIN 12880
  • Backup battery for the display in case of power failure
  • Clean contact
  • LAN cable
  • Non-standard access door of 20 / 60 / 100 mm
  • Additional 30 mm access door
  • Wheels
  • Table with wheels

Adjustable temperatures (°C)
Inner Gross/Net Capacity Liters
Exterior Dimensions mm WxDxH
620 x 650 x 930
Inner Dimensions mm WxDxH
420 (380) x 440 (400) x 590 (380)
Shelves / Baskets
Control Panel
Display touch screen 4.3"
Max Power Input (W)
Supply Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz)
230 - 50/60
Weight kg
Internal stainless steel DIN 1.4016
24 months ex-works Milano
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