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MT8 B-Medical-Systems
MT8 B-Medical-Systems
MT8 B-Medical-Systems

MT8 B-Medical-Systems

JL 958.4801.01
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Specially designed for the transport of blood, it can be used for transport medicines or biological material. Complies ADR/RID 2008/68/ EC; IMDG 2002/84/EC; ICAO-TI/IATA-DGR. At 32°C until 57 hours between 2 and 10°C; 18 l.


Passive transport container. Equipped with 4 refrigerating elements of 0.6 liters.
Internal container in polystyrene.
Transport hours between 2...10°C up to 57 hours at an ambient temperature of 32°C.
Transport horus between 2...10°C up to 16.39 hours at an ambient temperature of 32°C.
Shoulder strap for transport and carrying handle.
Bag capacity: 8 of 450 ml; 14 of 270 ml.

What can I carry with this bag?
Although designed for the transport of blood bags, it is also perfectly suitable for medicines, vaccines and anything else that needs to be transported at temperatures between 2 and 10°C, with a thermal resistance of dozens and dozens of hours.

Declarations of conformity:
- ADR / RID European agreements for the transport of hazardous materials by road and rail Directive 2008/68 / EC, Groups I, II, III.
- IMDG European agreements for the transport of hazardous materials by sea directive 2002/84 / EC.
- ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR International agreements for air transport.
- Complies with the prescriptions recommended by the WHO.
- Medical Device Class IIa compliance according to MDD 93/42 / EEC

The monobloc structure is made of polyethylene, a practically indestructible plastic material with high mechanical resistance, proven by drop tests. Unaffected by corrosion and therefore also suitable for use in difficult environmental conditions.
The insulation is in thick polyurethane foam, which guarantees the conservation of the original characteristics of the vaccines, blood products, medicines, etc.
Inside the carrying bag there are no corners or inaccessible areas; it can be easily and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, even with conventional products.

Also perfect in the finishes and details: gaskets on the lid, grooves for perfect stacking, interlocking hinges.

TCO - Total cost of purchase
Before your purchase, we encourage you to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the product.
The B Medical Systems models are generally more expensive than other products on the market and this is because the manufacturer does not make quality compromises.
B Medical Systems designs and builds its products to be durable, reliable and always set new safety standards in the medical field.
The initial cost will be easily compensated by the longer life of the products over the years and by use without worries or problems.

"I like the robustness and safety of the MT4 transport bags (used for the transport of blood components, by courier, to the transfusion units), as they are robust and safe boxes that keep the blood component well preserved"

Dr. Gerardo Calvo Salas

➔ WHAT DO THE EXPERTS THINK? - Banco de Sangre Clinical Laboratory, University of Costa Rica. Read the full interview with Dr. Gerardo Calvo Salas, immunohematologist and blood bank specialist at the University of Costa Rica Clinical Laboratory (LCBSUCR). In the laboratory, clinical analyzes are performed and high quality blood components are produced for the university community and beyond.

Unboxing the transport box MT8 B-Medical-Systems

Below are the data extracted from the 'Validation Summary Report' performed by 'Medic One' of Munich in Germany, concerning the MT 8B:

Temp. + 32°C 'Max. Cold Life'; 14 blood bags of 270ml; 4 plates - 600 ml
Room temperature:
Medium ambient temperature: 32.57°C
Absolute minimum: 31.88°C
Absolute maximum: 33.18°C
Blood Bag temperatures:
Temperature in the blood bag at departure: 4.01°C
Minimum temperature: 4.01°C
Cold Life:
Time to reach 6°C: 30h: 30min
Time to reach 10°C: 57h: 02min

Download the complete certificate:
validation summary report DOMETIC MT8B English

Accessories supplied as standard:
3 cold accumulators of 0.3 liters each.
nr 2 cold accumulators of 0.6 liters each.
nr 1 internal container in polystyrene
nr 1 carrying strap
nr 1 document holders on the front

Inner Gross/Net Capacity Liters
Exterior Dimensions mm WxDxH
Inner Dimensions mm WxDxH
460x180x245 - useful 340x133x170
Data logger
As an option
Refrigeration technology
Passive Cooling
Weight kg
24 months ex-works Milano
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