If you find yourself reading this article, it is because you already know it: for a wine to unfold all its aroma and flavour, the storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity, must be perfect. Dometic, specialists in mobile refrigeration and air conditioning, has created a complete range of products to achieve just that: to keep wines in optimal condition. In bars, restaurants and hotels, but also in offices and private homes, these refrigerators will provide you not only with exceptional service, but will also be fantastic furnishing elements for your spaces, thanks to the attention to design and materials that has always distinguished the Dometic brand. All wine fridges come fully equipped, including shelves and all essential accessories.
You just have to choose the most suitable one for you!


Before finding out what types of wine cellars Dometic offers us, let's remember why they are so important for storing wines and how Dometic products can help us in this delicate task.


What is the perfect serving temperature for your wine? For those who have just entered this fantastic world, here are some general tips:

  • The red wine should be served at a temperature between 12°C and 18°C, depending on the origin, the grape and the vintage.
  • White wine likes it cooler, between 8°C and 12°C.
  • Champagne and fruity dessert wine should be served chilled, between 5°C and 7°C

Dometic wine refrigerators, via display and control panel, can be set according to needs, both for storing wine and for cold drinks. The selected temperature is always reliably maintained, thanks to advanced Dometic compressor technology, in every corner of the interior.


Dometic wine coolers easily adapt to your wine and beverage list or menu. The models with two separate temperature zones can be set at any temperature between 5°C and 22°C, giving you the option to dedicate one space for red wines and one for whites. Furthermore:

  • Attractive design with glass door
  • Two temperature zones with separate controls
  • Advanced compressor technology for uniform cooling and excellent energy efficiency
  • Digital control panel with blue LED display
  • Bright and harmonious white LED interior light
  • Air recirculation system to create the ideal climate for the wine to release its aromatic bouquet.

Dometic wine coolers are equipped with special highly insulated doors that offer maximum protection from UV rays. The integrated LED lighting allows uniform illumination of the interior, with a low level of heat build-up and without exposure to UV rays.

table of optimal temperatures for wine

Both at home and in professional contexts, wine cellars adapt to any environment, re-evaluating your spaces, showcasing your best bottles and serving guests and customers with elegance and comfort. Drawer, freestanding, built-in wine cellars and for large quantities of bottles. Discover below, in just a few minutes, the most suitable wine storage refrigerator for you.

a woman holds up a bottle of wine from a kitchen's refrigerated drawer


An incredible product: a luxurious wine cooler in the space of a drawer.
Dometic DrawBar integrates elegantly into the kitchen adding a touch of sophistication to your home.
Designed to have a standard size, fitting into any 60cm wide kitchen cupboard, the Drawbar drawer will allow you to keep up to 5 bottles chilled, from long Riesling to large Champagne.

The three versions available will allow you to choose your Drawbar with a front panel in black glass, in transparent glass or without an external panel, to integrate the cooler perfectly into your kitchen.
PS. Choose the transparent glass door to make the most of the soft and enchanting internal lighting; you will display your bottles with refinement and discretion, the favorite detail of your kitchen!

Storing and preparing your favorite bottles of wine will be very easy: using two simple buttons, located behind the front panel, you can choose one of the five pre-set Drawbar temperatures (5, 8, 11, 14 or 17°C), suitable for a variety of different wines, from full-bodied reds to sparkling sparkling wines.

More information on the product page:
DOMETIC Drawbar drawer fridge →


Tailor-made wine cellars for your environments. Wines in perfect condition and center stage.

Choose between the minimalist DESIGN range or the elegance of the Classic range, in each case you are assured of the best refrigeration technology and the ideal climate for the wine to release its aromatic bouquet.

The double internal zone allows you to preserve and serve different types of wine at the perfect temperature, from red wines to sparkling wines. Thanks to the central control panel, you can set the temperatures of both zones simply and precisely between 5°C and 22°C (depending on the model).

Choose the DESIGN line for a black exterior with a slim handle, suitable to fit discreetly under the worktop. Opt for the CLASSIC range if you prefer stainless steel details.

Design line:
→ D18B - Double zone, 18 bottles, 5 wooden shelves
→ D46B - Double zone, 46 bottles, 5 wooden shelves
→ D42B - Double zone, 42 bottles, 11 wooden shelves
Classic line:
→ C18B - Double zone, 18 bottles, 5 wooden shelves
→ C46B - Double zone, 46 bottles, 5 wooden shelves

built-in wine fridge in use in a luxury kitchen
two large wine cellars side by side in an elegant kitchen


If you are a passionate collector, have a shop or a restaurant, then you will choose these great Dometic wine cellars.
Up to 154 perfectly stored and refrigerated bottles of wine on 15 fully removable wooden shelves. Fan for excellent air circulation and activated carbon to eliminate any odors.

The double internal zone allows you to preserve and serve different types of wine at the perfect temperature, from red wines to sparkling wines. Thanks to the central control panel you can set the temperatures of both zones simply and precisely between 5°C and 22°C.

Choose the DESIGN line for a black exterior with a slim handle, suitable to fit discreetly under the worktop. Opt for the CLASSIC range if you prefer stainless steel details.

Design line:
→ D154F - Double zone, 154 bottles, 15 wooden shelves
Classic line:
→ C154F - Double zone, 154 bottles, 15 wooden shelves


Freestanding wine cellars are a stylish addition to any home, restaurant or hotel bar, suitable for freestanding use.
High performance, elegant design and a 3-layer glass door to protect the wine from UV rays.

This single-zone wine cellar will store your wine at a temperature between 5°C and 22°C. Freely adjust the temperature you want thanks to the touch buttons and the clear display.


  • Contoured lined shelves to store wine safely.
  • Soft white LED internal lighting.
  • Handle integrated in the structure and door with triple UV glass

→ C35F - Single zone, 35 bottles, 6 shelves
→ C55F - Single zone, 55 bottles, 10 shelves
→ C75F - Single zone, 75 bottles, 14 shelves

free standing wine fridges in a modern kitchen

Take your wine cellar directly to the terrace, garden or wherever you have organized your party with guests and friends.

barman uses the dometic mobar to prepare cocktails at a terrace party with people around


The Dometic MoBar 550 offers unprecedented convenience and will guarantee your guests first-class service – and you yourself the chance to prove yourself the perfect host.

Holds up to 39 bottles in the dual main compartment and up to 22 bottles in the rotomolded ice bucket, so you're always well stocked and ready to party. A dedicated niche will allow you to always have appetizers and drinks close at hand.

Every detail of MoBar is not simply an aesthetic finish, but the result of a design attentive to the needs of the bartender, who will have to prepare aperitifs and drinks for your guests. What's more, thanks to the practicality of the MoBar model, each of us will enjoy creating and serving delicious cocktails.

→ MOBAR 50 - Mobile bar with insulating ice bucket for 22 bottles
→ MOBAR 300 - Mobile bar with compressor wine cellar for 19 bottles and insulated ice bucket for 22 bottles.
→ MOBAR 550 - Mobile bar with compressor wine cellar for 39 bottles and insulated ice bucket for 22 bottles.


What are the features I have to think about when choosing a wine cellar?
Here are some factors you should keep in mind while making your choice: the size of the refrigerator; the number of bottles it can hold; the temperature zone, double or single; the types of wines you are going to keep, their storage and service period; the place of placement: if you will place it in a guest area, it is really worth buying an elegant model with a glass door, which showcases your collection to the fullest.

What is the ideal solution for storing different wines?
If, for example, you want to store both red and white wines, then the ideal wine cellar for you is a dual zone one. A dual-zone wine cellar allows you to set two different temperatures in the same refrigerator. This way you can save on the purchase of a second wine cooler.

Perfect storage conditions for wines and cold drinks
Dometic is a specialist in the field of refrigeration and is a brand recognized worldwide for quality and reliability. The storage and service conditions of your wines will therefore be ensured by Dometic technology.

Tips for storing wine
The aging process is a delicate moment. Keep your bottles of wine in the dark: Ultraviolet light can damage wine, so be sure to store all wines away from light. Keep the bottles in a place free from odors, well ventilated, in a stable position, free from vibrations. The temperature should remain constant throughout the year. Remember: wine cellars can do all of this and more! Seriously consider buying one; it doesn't make much sense to invest in an excellent bottle of wine, if it is not kept in an optimal way.

Why use a compressor wine cellar?
Compressor technology means excellent cooling performance with low power consumption, regardless of high ambient temperatures. Dometic multi-temperature cellars are ideal for storing red, white and sparkling wines that are soon to be served. The desired consumption temperature is simply preset and kept constant.

Why Dometic?
All wines, both white and red, must be kept at the same temperature as in a natural cellar. In Dometic wine coolers, the temperature is constant all year round and achieved via electronic regulation. Humidity is constant and adapted: wine coolers maintain humidity between 50 and 70%. Only the largest natural cellars can maintain this constant. UV protection: The 'low emission' treatment of the double glazed doors on Dometic wine fridges blocks harmful ultraviolet rays. Constant ventilation: the air that circulates inside the cellar by natural convection is constantly renewed. The external air enters the cellar through an activated carbon filter which effectively eliminates all odors, and is then emitted from the lower part of the refrigerator. Furthermore, Dometic pays particular attention to the design and materials of its instruments; storing your bottles in one of these wine cellars means above all taking care of the aesthetic quality of your spaces, for the pleasure of the guest and for no less important personal satisfaction.


Now that you have an idea of ​​what a wine cellar is and the models available, all you have to do is choose the refrigerator you want. If you have any further information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible!

Thanks for your attention and good choice!

two barmen prepare cocktails with wine for two customers at the counter
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