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Obag vaccine transport bag
Versapak Insulated Medical Vaccine Carrier
Obag vaccine transport bag
Obag vaccine transport bag
Obag vaccine transport bag
Obag vaccine transport bag
Obag vaccine transport bag
Obag vaccine transport bag
Obag vaccine transport bag
Obag vaccine transport bag
Obag vaccine transport bag
Versapak Insulated Medical Vaccine Carrier

Obag vaccine transport bag

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Versapak Insulated Medical Vaccine Carrier, of the highest quality guaranteed for 5 years, available in three sizes

  • S - Small
  • M - Medium
  • L - Large

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Transport bag for Versapak vaccines

The Versapak bag is specially designed for the transport of human tissues and other biological products. These bags have been manufactured to the rigorous standards of ADR, UN3373 and P650 approved bags to ensure maximum safety when transporting medical products.

Main characteristics:

  • With integrated rigid protectors and internal padding
  • Equipped with Thinsulate ™ insulation which helps maintain the temperature of the contents for up to 7/16/20 hours (per bag S / M / L)
  • Incorporates the new T2 anti-tampering zipper for security seals to be purchased separately from the accessories below. As an option, not recommended, the button safety seals.
  • Evident and traceable tampering when used with numbered or barcode security seals
  • Windows for entering round-trip addresses (visual reminder)
  • 2 windows A6 / A5 (size S / M-L) to indicate the place and contents of the bag (positioned on the sides)
  • VersaShield ™ antimicrobial technology reduces bacteria by up to 99.5%, on both internal and external surfaces: handles, zip puller and locking chamber
  • Possibility to carry on the shoulder with shoulder strap (optional)

Available in three versions:

Small 6.06 liters (PYTBVAC1)

External dimensions: 305 x 305 x 170mm
Internal dimensions: 245 x 225 x 110mm
Medium 17.5 liters (PYTBVAC2)
External dimensions: 460 x 305 x 255mm
Internal dimensions: 400 x 225 x 195mm
Large 34.5 liters (PYTBVAC3)
External dimensions: 650 x 380 x 255mm
Internal dimensions: 590 x 300 x 195mm


VersaShield ™ is an antimicrobial, silver ion-based technology incorporated into the fabric.

VersaShield ™ products are the latest innovation in infection prevention solutions, with an antimicrobial silver ion (Biocide B60533) impregnated into the material during the manufacturing process. From that moment and, for the rest of the life of the materials, bacteria cannot survive on its surface.

This technology actively kills bacteria including MRSA, E.coli, mold and mildew, without the need for chemicals or deep cleaning. VersaShield ™ has been shown to kill up to 99.5% of bacteria within 2 hours. Antimicrobial protection extends to the handle, locking chamber and hinge, as well as Versapak's patented T2 security seals, providing the highest level of infection prevention.

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- Small bag: small thermal barrier + a 750g eutectic plate

- Medium bag: large thermal barrier + three 750g eutectic plates

- Large bag: 2 small thermal barriers + five 750g eutectic plates

To get the most out of using your Thinsulate ™ insulated bag, remember to:

Before use

  • Keep the bag clean of dirt or infectious agents. Use suitable and recommended disinfecting agents
  • Pre-condition the bag to the temperature at which you need to transport your materials. Do not put cooled samples in a hot bag
  • If you use eutectic plates make sure they are cooled / frozen for the necessary time

In use:

  • Insert the samples or materials at the temperature at which they should remain. Then close the bag immediately.
  • When used with a eutectic plate, remember to place a thermal barrier between the frozen siberian and your samples
  • When you open the bag do it in a dry environment
  • Try not to open the bag until you reach your destination
  • Buy a bag that is the right size for what you need to carry. Do not put small samples in large bags.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Do not leave the bag in the car in the sun
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