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Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Dometic CFX3 95DZ

Dometic CFX3 95DZ

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Compressor cooler CFX3 75DZ Dometic with dual compartment for simultaneous cooling and freezing, with CFX special electronics for 12/24 volts DC and 100-240 volts AC. Storage volume: 94 l gross (net 82). Suitable for deep-freezing down to -22°C. Two storage of 55 l and 39 l.


The new CFX3 fridge-freezer series from Dometic combines great performance and a modern and up-to-date design. Wide and easily accessible temperature range. Practical temperature regulation with selection keys and display for viewing what has been set and the current temperature. The temperature is easily maintained even in summer and with the hottest temperatures. The CFX3 series is equipped with special electronics that allow the compressor to operate in a gentle and energy-saving manner. If after a short interval of time the selected temperature is not reached, or if a value lower than -12°C is selected, enhanced cooling is automatically activated until the selected temperature is obtained.

Dometic has accumulated experience over several decades and its products are used on many occasions.
Not just for free time, whether it's a beach party or a lunch after a walk or an adventure, the CFX3 are also used in the professional field.
Loyal users of Dometic coolers include truck drivers, catering companies, professional explorers, bartenders, film companies, fast-food restaurants, fishermen, tour guides and many others.

The reliability of these products makes them versatile and suitable for many different applications and environments.

two open dometic cfx3 models
the control panel of the cfx3 refrigerator

Beautiful to look at, clear and simple to use.
Four simple buttons for all the settings you need. You can set the temperature in 1°C steps, adjust the battery protection to 3 levels and from the simple display you can instantly understand the internal temperature, the connected devices and the type of power supply used.
Included in the panel is a USB charger for portable devices such as mobile phones and some LEDs will warn you of the status of the refrigerator or any errors.
More information, such as graphs and temperature recording, can be found in the application.

mobile phone with app to control the refrigerator remotely

The CFX3 app offers a whole new level of control and connectivity. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and connect to your cooler via your smartphone, via WiFi or Bluetooth. Control and monitor the cooler's temperature remotely, whether it's from the front seat of your vehicle or in bed after a long day of exploring. Thanks to the intuitive interface, it's easier than ever to monitor the cooling status of your CFX3. If you happen to leave the lid of your CFX3 open, the app will send you a notification telling you to close the lid. The application also records detailed temperature and energy consumption history, so you know the limits of your next trip.

The Dometic CFX3 are equipped with the latest generation Dometic VMSO3 compressor. These hermetic compressors work with new variable speed technology, which allows them to modulate refrigeration power, so they can cool the inside of the refrigerator exactly as much as needed. This allows the compressor to be much more efficient, saving valuable energy and lasting longer.

cfx3 portable refrigerator compressor

When you find yourself with a CFX3 at hand, you immediately understand the difference with the other brands of portable refrigerators in circulation.
The structure is sturdier, the construction compact, the materials are beautiful and it is understood that they will last a long time even in particular environments.
The strong foldable handles will hold the weight of the refrigerator even when loaded and in difficult transport and handling; you can open the lid as many times as you want and it will never break; you can even stand on it without any problem.
The polyurethane foam (PU) insulation keeps the cold inside and even when switched off the heat resistance is at the highest level.

The refrigerator can support inclinations up to 30° and is used both on vans and 4x4s, on boats, ships and on the most varied means of transport.

the refrigerator handles
connections for AC and DC power cables
inside of portable refrigerator with light on

The CFX3 are supplied with a double cable for 12/24V DC power supply (lighter socket) and 100-230V AC (house socket) except for the CFX3 100 model which will have a cable designed for the battery connection.
They are equipped with several safety systems that will prevent the refrigerator from being damaged, such as the three-level battery protection device to protect the vehicle battery; automatic reverse polarity protection.
Via battery with regulator it is suitable for operation with solar panels.

Important standard accessories are:

  • Removable basket
  • LED light

For further questions we recommend you read our 'QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS' post dedicated to CFX3.

Some models have special features.
The CFX3 55IM has an internal zone for quick freezing. This area is used to make ice cubes: in about 2.5 hours it will be possible to freeze the water and have ice cubes ready for your cocktails. The boxes for creating the cubes are already present as standard.

The CFX3 75DZ and CFX3 95DZ models have two separate compartments, adjustable with the dual display in the control panel.
Even with the Dometic APP it will be possible to view the temperatures of both compartments.
These models are ideal for those who don't want to give up a fridge or freezer and don't want to go on long trips with the whole family or a group of friends, without needing to look for a supermarket.

a man opens one of the lids of the portable fridge
all available models of the Dometic CFX3 series
Adjustable temperatures (°C)
Inner Gross/Net Capacity Liters
Exterior Dimensions mm WxDxH
Shelves / Baskets
Control Panel
Display LCD
Max Ambient Temp. to reach the Min. Temperature
Data logger
As an option
Inner Light
Refrigeration technology
Noise level (db)
Climate Class
Max Power Input (W)
Energy consumption [kWh/24h]
Energy consumption (DC@5/25°C) 1.97 kWh/24hEnergy consumption (DC@5/32°C) 3.29 kWh/24h
Supply Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz)
12/24 DC / 100-240 AC
Weight kg
Energy Class
Certificazioni: TÜV/GS, app for Android-IOS, emergency override, usb port, WI-FI
24 Months International Dometic Warranty

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