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Set mini data logger (temperature recorder) Datapoint 16 certified, usable even without software; ideal for refrigerators; automatic creation of pdf files; USB interface for data management to PC, 150,000 storable data.

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Compact and innovative design, with built-in USB for plug and play use. It connects via USB to the PC and clearly shows the temperature on the integrated display. The free downloadable software, allows downloading of data and its management. Dustproof and waterproof features an easily replaceable battery and standards.

This magnificent and income while data logger is ideal for recording the temperature during the transport of perishable materials and also for use eg. in refrigerators.
Particularly suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries, as in pharmacies and laboratories.
And it is accompanied by a setup and data download software.

ISO calibration certificate for each unit
   - 150,000 recordable data with adjustable time
- No use of software with the default state  (15 min. Interval, no alarm settings)
    - Automatic creation of a pdf file, when connected to a pc, with graphic visualization of the
- It is possible to have the numerical visualization, through the use of Excel, Open Office or similar softwares.
Automatic PDF creation when connected to USB socket
Long battery life (standard four years in 15-min intervals)
- motion sensor (eg. the opening and closing door)
Memory of maximum and minimum temperature
- alarm led
Hung wall
- HACCP compliant
- Markings on manual data entry (press a button during recording to mark an abnormal temperature; find it in the report)
- Software for the management of the data or changing settings: Download here

Registratore di temperatura

- Perfect for recording of temperatures in refrigerators
- Perfect for recording of temperatures in industry, in particular the pharmaceutical and chemical
- Perfect for recording temperature according to HACCP
- Perfect for recording the ambient temperature

Just put your data-logger in an USB of your windows computer and in seconds you will have a graphic representation of your temperatures. Without moving a finger!

Grafico del data logger


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Supply Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz)
1 x 3,6 Volt Lithium 1/2 AA
Weight kg
60 g
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