The beauty of a quality wine cellar.

To prevent factors such as temperature, humidity and light from affecting the quality of the wine, the storage conditions must be perfect. Liebherr, a company known worldwide for its high-end refrigeration systems, has created a complete range of products to achieve just that: keeping wines in optimal condition. Furthermore, the temperature can be adjusted according to whether the wine is to be enjoyed in the near future or whether it is to be stored for a long time. these refrigerators will not only provide you with exceptional service, but will also be fantastic furnishing elements in your spaces, thanks to the attention to design and materials that have always distinguished the Liebherr brand. All wine refrigerators come fully equipped, including shelves and all essential accessories.
You just have to choose the one that suits you best!

If you want to go directly to the templates:
WFbli 5041 - For 158 bottles.
WFbli 5241 - For 188 bottles.
WFbli 7741 - For 284 bottles.

The best storage conditions for your wines.

A high quality wine must have a peaceful storage and controlled conditions since only in such circumstances can complex aromas and nuances of flavor develop in the bottle. Vibrations, odors and UV light interfere with this development process. For example, UV light can trigger biochemical processes in wine, which cause its taste and color to deteriorate.

Red wine should be served at a temperature between 14°C and 18°C, and generally the older the wine, the higher the temperature. Dry white wine should be cooled to 8°C. More mature and full-bodied white wines develop their flavor up to 12°C, while sweet wines should be served at a slightly cooler temperature between 6°C and 8°C. And to taste champagne or sparkling wine on the palate, it must be cooled to at least 8°C.

However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal taste, so why not experiment with different serving temperatures and find out what you like best?


Liebherr builds and supplies its appliances for various fields, from domestic to laboratory. He knows what it means to build a refrigerator that can maintain a constant, controlled temperature over time. His products are all designed to last, with the best possible materials and the latest technologies available. For his wine cellars, he did not think otherwise: high quality glass doors; comfortable and useful design details; efficient refrigeration system; low consumption; low noise and vibrations.In addition, he offers a range of respectable products, to better adapt to your needs. From the size, to the type of wine cellar, to the particular equipment, with Liebherr you are sure to find the model you need. Make yourself comfortable and find out which one is with us.

WFbli Liebherr wine cellars - 2024

A unique series that brings together all the best features.

Liebherr has decided to completely renew its offer of wine cellars, focusing on a few models that contain all the best features; managing to offer you a very high quality product at an affordable price.

What does the new WFbli winery series offer us?

  • The elegant black profile of the wine cellar is crowned by a TFT touch display, where it will be possible to set the temperature, adjust the humidity, enter the security password (electronic lock) and view the alarms.
  • The refrigerator is connected. You can view the most important data from your mobile phone by downloading the free app.
  • The lighting that highlights your bottles is placed along the entire length of the sides, thanks to specifically designed LED lamps.
  • For all models, a removable drawer is available as standard where the bottles are clearly visible and easy to reach, for the most served wines.
  • PowerChill function: the new intelligent compressor system automatically regulates its power. If the door is opened many times for a period of time, the compressor uses maximum power to counteract the internal temperature changes, and then returns, always automatically, to a low energy consumption work cycle.
  • Refrigeration efficiency is further improved, bringing daily consumption to just 0.3 kWh (for the WFbli 5041 model).

But, not to forget all the other valuable features of Liebherr wine cellars: double temperature sensor, adjustable between +5 °C and +20 °C; special anti-vibration and noise compressors; shelves in sturdy metal, with high-quality wooden strip; FreshAir activated carbon filter; double layer glass door with UV protection; smart door.

Optional accessories are available, such as:

  • Water tray and lava stones. To have an extra dose of internal humidity.
  • Replacement filter for FreshAir
  • Kit of 5 aluminum labels
  • Perforated metal shelf
  • Wall fixing kit
  • Metal grid shelf with wooden front
  • Wooden shelf
  • Wooden shelf with presenter


What are the characteristics I need to think about when choosing a wine cellar?
Here are some factors you should keep in mind while making your choice: the size of the refrigerator; the quantity of bottles it can contain; the temperature zone, double or single; the types of wines you will store, their storage and service period; the place of placement: if you are going to place it in a guest area, it is really worth buying a quality and elegant refrigerator, which shows off your collection at its best.

What is the ideal solution for storing different wines?
If, for example, you want to store both red and white wines, then the ideal cellar for you is a double zone. A two-zone wine cellar allows you to set two different temperatures in the same refrigerator. This way you can save on the purchase of a second wine cellar. For this case we offer you the dual-zone cellars from Dometic.

Tips for storing wine
The aging process is a delicate time. Keep your wine bottles in the dark: Ultraviolet light can damage wine, so be sure to store all wines away from light. Store the bottles in an odor-free, well-ventilated place, in a stable position, free from vibrations and no less than 55% humid, so as not to dry out the cork. The temperature should remain constant throughout the year. Remember: wine cellars can do all this and more! Seriously consider buying one; there is little point in investing in an excellent bottle of wine if it is not stored optimally.

Why use a compressor wine cellar?
Compressor technology means excellent cooling performance with low power consumption, regardless of high ambient temperatures. New compressors, specially designed for this type of function, such as those used by Libherr, keep vibrations and noise as low as possible.


 If you have any further questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us by email or through our facebook or instagram page, we will reply as soon as possible!

Thanks for your attention and good choice!

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